BSSCT Vulnerability Statement

All pupils in the schools of Birmingham Special Schools’ Co-operative Trust are considered to be vulnerable because they have significant special educational needs and have an EHCP; this does not, however, mean that a pupil should be in school during this period of Covid-19 restrictions.  We have adopted the principle that ’if a pupil is safe at home, then they should stay at home’. 

This principle has been further refined taking into account other factors to identify pupils who have significant vulnerabilities for whom onsite school places are able to be provided.  These factors determine a ‘Red’ rating and include: safeguarding concerns; looked after children; mental health needs; having a social worker; challenging behaviour at home; limited parental capacity; domestic abuse; student rigidity linked to autism; the impact of extreme isolation; the pupil being considered safer in school compared to being at home; and the extent to which the family are engaging with remote learning.  Some pupils may meet the ‘Red’ rating, yet be safer at home due to their health needs or support which ensures their safety.

Pupils may be raised to a ‘Red’ rating, or move down the scale if there is a change in circumstance and this is kept under constant review.

The nature of special schools is such that all students have an EHCP, however during the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns, this is not a factor that automatically means that a pupil should be in school during this period; it would not be possible to safely accommodate all pupils in schools as staffing levels would not support this.